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latest data show that in the first two months of this year, exports of shoes in Guangdong dropped by nearly 30%. This shows that with the deterioration of the foreign trade environment, export-oriented footwear industry in the Pearl River Delta is experiencing an unprecedented severe test. according to the latest statistics of Guangzhou customs, this year, 1~2 months, Guangdong exported 490 million pairs of shoes, compared with the same period last year (the same below) dropped 27.5%, valued at 1 billion 590 million U. s cheap jordans online .dollars, down 0.6%. Among them, the Guangdong private enterprises export shoes 190 million pairs, down 41.1%; foreign invested enterprises export shoes 190 million pairs, down 8.9%. Two of the total exports accounted for 77.6% of the total exports of shoes in Guangdong during the same period. multi factor extrusion exit Guangzhou customs official analysis, this year 1~2 month Guangdong shoes export decline is mainly affected by the subprime mortgage crisis and the foreign anti-dumping trade barriers such as the four m Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ajor factors of the export tax rebate rate adjustment, footwear export enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, significantly reduced. the United States is the largest market for the export of Guangdong shoe products. The official said, since the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis last March, the U. S. consumer index fell, and Guangdong shoe prices affected by this slowdown in exports to the United states. 2007, Guangdong pairs of the United States export shoes 1 billion 80 million pairs, a slight decline of 3.4%; this year 1~2 Cheap air jordan 12 ovo months, Guangdong exports to the United States continued to decline in shoes; pairs of the United States export shoes 190 million pairs, down 12%. leather shoes exported to the European Union are affected by anti-dumping duties. In 2007, Guangdong exported 77 million 770 thousand pairs of leather shoes to the European Union, down 6.5%; 1~2 months this year, Guangdong's exports to the EU leather shoes still decline, exports 13 million 300 thousand pairs, down 17.5%. At the same time, Pakistan, Peru, Venezuela, Canada and cheap jordans for sale other countries have also taken anti-dumping measures to our footwear products. with the increase of new "labor contract law", the introduction of foreign enterprise tax burden and the RMB exchange rate continued strong, the Pearl River Delta region of labor-intensive enterprises gradually trapped in rising costs and increasingly stringent regulation, profit margins have been squeezed, the Pearl River Delta region footwear export enterprises also significantly reduced. Guangzhou customs latest statistics show that this Retro jordans for sale year, 1~2 months, the Pearl River Delta region to participate in export shoes enterprises 1512, a decrease of 1855 over the same period last year. Among them, the private sector decreased by 1484 compared with the same period last year, 92 foreign-invested enterprises and 23 state-owned enterprises. According to the Asia Footwear Association's statistics, since last year, Guangdong, Dongguan, Huizhou and other places have more than 1000 shoe factories and related businesses fail due to various factors or active terminatio Cheap air jordans for sale n, or seized by the court, or relocation of other regions. orders have not yet been transferred on a large scale, Li Peng, Secretary General of the Asia Footwear Association ( ), told reporters that national buyers gradually had some low-priced orders transferred from the Pearl River Delta to Vietnam, Kampuchea, Indonesia and India and other Asian countries recently, Lining, , Adidas brand clothing and shoes by Greenpeace (which belongs to the environmental protection work as a non-governmental organization, Inte cheap foamposites rnational) detection of toxic substances, yesterday, Lining, director of public relations Zhang Xiaoyan said that this event is not clear, after understanding things will give a reply. On the morning of 23, Greenpeace announced the results of the survey, the global brand clothing of toxic and harmful substances residue investigation found that Adidas, Lining and other international well-known brands of clothing and shoes, in the production process using the nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE, synthetic chemicals, manufacturing, cheap jordans for sale mens production by human nature and will not produce). The substance breaks down into toxic nonylphenol (NP) in water. Xiao Bian here to remind you, be careful when buying shoes. NP; this substance, like the plasticizer that has been widely concerned, is a chemical added to the production process that can cause harm to human reproductive health. Although the substance on the laundry can be washed away by water, it will continue to affect the environment and become a health risk factor after entering the water body. Lining cheap jordan shoes for men , director of public relations at Zhang Xiaoyan, said yesterday afternoon that he was not aware of the matter and would give an answer when he knew what had happened. Li Ning Co on the official website of a statement dated August 22nd, the company decided to supply chain to achieve environmentally friendly emissions commitments. the survey samples were procured from 18 countries, and the sample consists of 13 countries, so the investigation is considered so far out of the main clothing brand category in the widest Retro jordans for sale range of A. The brand of the survey includes not only adult clothing, but also children's clothing. Greenpeace says the substance has been banned in Europe and the United States, but it has not received enough attention in our country. 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