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is committed to become the world's fastest sports brand PUMA, will be in the second half of 2017 open cross-border joint, animated comedy film "little soldier" popular role (Minions) will become a member of the PUMA family, PUMA Kids series of small soldier goods in the second half of the year, adorable children's heart, friends. 2017 PUMA x Minions series of autumn and winter will lead by the "little soldier", through their playful fashion and unique view of life, with distinctive bright yellow color and a lot of it, the little soldier most classic creative elements: bright yellow, goggles, banana... And so on, lively and playful leaps appear in PUMA children's clothing products, and the official release of the picture can also be seen like Disc, Blaze and other classic shoes trace, it is expected that the future of a full range of products open. PUMA Kids Minions small soldiers series is expected to be launched in the second half of 2017, when PUMA and small soldiers will join forces to attack the global children's sports market. from the 2015 swept the major fashion week ACRONYM x Nike Lunar Force 1, last year the topic of ACRONYM x Nike Air full Presto, ACRONYM and Nike in 2017 will be a joint Air Force 1 shoes cheap jordan shoes for men once again set off a topic, by the recent exposure of the photos can be seen as SF-AF1 high cylinder and ring design, more join the ACRONYM love with the zipper elements in shoes side, shoes and leather fabrics seem to dive together, can also see a total of three kinds of color is the exposure of the photo, I believe from the officially published days are not far away. via HighsnobietySince its debut in 2008, Kevin Durant's signature shoes series has been creative, combining performance innovation with the six all star player's personal story, . The new KD7 What The incorporates a variety of popular KD7 color, patterns and technical details to create a stylish mix of shoes. 8e3a441e-645f-48f1-9811-3c24dc33f6a68e3a441e-645f-48f1-9811-3c24dc33f6a6 KD 7, What, The, 2e670441-06da-4d88-aa57-4ebe28cc137d2e670441-06da-4d88-aa57-4ebe28cc137d KD 7, What, The, 399ecc6d-b3f4-4c0e-b42a-fde228ed9efe399ecc6d-b3f4-4c0e-b42a-fde228ed9efe KD 7, What, The, 507381ea-13b4-4c01-b1d6-2802abaa155a507381ea-13b4-4c01-b1d6-2802abaa155a KD 7, What, The, c687f76c-a56a-49f4-b018-5f0e252f27dcc687f76c-a56a-49f4-b018-5f0e252f27dc KD 7, What, The, 70e63aa4-e3b6-43a1-a56f-1545f3b1cbac70e63aa4-e3b6-43a1-a56f-1545f3b1cbac KD 7, What, The, What, The Retro jordans for sale , origin innovation and moderate risk-taking are part of Nike DNA. In 2007, Nike skate shoe designer James Arizumi designed the Nike SB What The Dunk series, the forward-looking vision Nike to a new level, this is also the Nike launched the first index of color mix shoes. Five years later, Nike basketball incorporated the concept of What The into the KOBE VII and pioneered a unique product that combines design innovation with creative stories. back in the past Nike designer originality, will Kevin Durant seventh pairs of signature shoes 18 color elements into one, into KD7, What, The unique design. KD7 front foot 〉NBA will be launched in the 2017 draft Taiwan time on June 23rd, but at this time of the year is an important time for each team added new capabilities, these players and quasi occupation sports brand cooperation is the focus of this trend, the champion candidates also recently through Twitter Fultz Markelle officially announced to join Nike's, and grateful to have the opportunity to become a member of the family of Nike Basketball. Markelle Fultz just last year to help the U.S. national team won the championship in the U18 Championships, he was also elected as MVP, after a season at University of cheap jordans for sale mens Washington decided to put the NBA draft, if he really in the first place was chosen, then this will be the third consecutive years Nike NBA champion to join in. And which pair of shoes will Markelle Fultz start NBA career? Later, during the summer league or warm-up match, you may be able to see one or two. Blessed, and, to, become, a, part, of, the, @nikebasketball, family!! thankful! #F2G! - Markelle Fultz (@MarkelleF) June 16, 2017 source: SportsCenter previously by Steven Curry field with new shoes? UA Clutchfit Drive the most exciting is equipped with a new upper technology, while in New York this week, the Under Armour brand officially? UA ClutchFit series of new products, and has a powerful revolutionary lightweight material coated with second layers of skin sense like players the general comfortable, foreign area in June 1st will be listed first with ClutchFit? Technology? Spine new series, basketball shoes series will fall. news source: slamonline?LeBron James in the championship third war, first with Nike LeBron 12 Elite player version, in the second half in today's leading Nike LeBron 12 "Witness", believe that everyone on this word is not strange, but it is a little emperor tattoo the outside of his cheap foamposites right foot outside, it is LeBron since entering NBA 2003 we have been in use since the birth of the generation of the slogan, we like, is to witness his historical moment like existence. Since the launch of LeBron 12 so far and there are dozens of kinds of color, but this pair in color is very small and the Cavaliers jersey that closely connected to a Hyperposite block with wings, like carbon fiber embossed in the overall tone, more dazzling looks very strong, but also NIKE for the launch of a series of collocation merchandise, providing fans more choice. is expected to be on sale in June 13th, model 684593-830: $200. Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-8Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-8 Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-10Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-10 Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-11Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-11 Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-7Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-7 Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-9Nike-LeBron-12-Witness-Cleveland-9 source: EU KICKSUNDER ARMOUR redefines the value of 'no good looking' people launched the largest in the history of the global brand promotion plan "The Book of Will" American professional sports brand UNDER ARMOUR in just the end of the week NBA st Cheap air jordans for sale ar brand launched the largest in the history of global brand promotion project "The Book of Will", UNDER ARMOUR CEO Kevin Plank in New York held a grand launch event, invited its star Stephen Curry and Jamie Foxx winner Oscar kicked off this together. Jamie Foxx is the leading actor and creative director of the new advertising video, to expand the brand concept of spirit I WILL, "The Book of" Will "series of films since to has not been optimistic about the people", encourage these people need to rely on continuous efforts to achieve the goal, new "not to be optimistic the" write down the definition. The first wave of the debut ad, the first song: Shakespeare was completely mistaken! "(Volume One:Shakespeare Got All Wrong. it) tells the story of NBA superstar Stephen Curry's career growth journey, which was broadcast during the NBA all star game on February 15, 2015. UNDER ARMOUR CEO Kevin Plank said, "since 1998, Jamie Foxx in the film: challenge Sunday (Any Given Sunday), we have a good relationship with him, and we know that he is the right creative partner to help us to Stephen Curry's journey and we emphasize" one thinks "the message brought in. "Chief executive Kevin Plank further said," he knows what this me Retro jordans for sale ans, and what the athletes will do themselves. For example: build Hollywood legend or NBA storm! Many times that means that books are rewritten and rebuilt. "." Jamie Foxx winner modest share this creative inspiration, "Stephen Curry NBA is now the most popular player, and the ad is telling his tough journey story. With good performance in the Curry season, everyone mistakenly thought that the good performance of Curry from innate talent; but the real story is that he started from a very hard to prove himself, even if he would enter a non common university, still strives for is to get into the NBA tickets to prove to those who are not optimistic about his people.The LeBron series has always been soldiers naicao practical quality shoes series, this series remain the same characteristics to the seventh generation, with 6 generations still continue to use the upper? Hyperfuse technology and upper LeBron with Velcro? Logo Nike Swoosh, each one? Use the reverse design? Nike Lebron X, is a pair of strong?? LeBron personal characteristics and strong performance of high-quality boots, please look forward to offering the following message. source: sneakernews? 01, Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to en cheap jordans for sale joy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed. happiness comes from the capacity to feel deeply, simply to enjoy, to think freely, The ability of to take risks and be needed. 02, Most people want to transform the world, but few people want to transform themselves. Not fear of failure has not been successful. most people want to change the world, but few people want to transform themselves. not fear of failure has not been successful. 04, Eternity is not a distance but a decision. eternity is not a distance but a decision. 05, I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings. of the old past close your eyes, on the new start open 06, Yesterday is gone, shake off the dust and move on. Don't let the past steal your future. Bring your very best today. yesterday is gone, shake off the dust and move on. don't let the past steal the future, doing your best today. 07, One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. morning a small positive thought, can change your day. 08, can accept failure but I can't accept not trying. - 〉 MichaelAirJordan1High series of shoes in the sale this year the number has not in the past, replica is more waves Cheap air jordan 12 ovo , but the number is limited?! Recently, AirJordan1RetroHighOG "MetallicRed" has also been broken news. Born in 1985 in the first year as the color of shoes, many senior Jordan fans very weight of a, the re launched for sale, design is still a continuation of the many details of OG shoes, but the material has been greatly upgraded! It is reported that AirJordan1RetroHighOG "MetallicRed" will be formally launched on May 6th, interested friends may wish to pay attention to our later more news. AirJordan Nike international soccer collectionTime according to EU RAPEX news, the first half of the EU footwear bulletin issued a total of 24 cases, down 65.71%, of which 21 cases China products fell 21%, accounting for 87.5% of the total reported, informed the 4 countries: Spain (17 cases), France (3), Bulgaria (2 cases) and Germany (2 cases), the source of products: 3 China 21 cases, France and South Korea in 1 cases, another 1 cases of unknown origin. according to EU RAPEX news, the first half of the EU footwear bulletin issued a total of 24 cases, down 65.71%, of which 21 cases China products fell 21%, accounting for 87.5% of the total reported, informed the 4 countries: Spain (17 cases), France (3), Bulgaria (2 cases) a Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping nd Germany (2 cases), the source of products: 3 Chinese 21 cases, France and South Korea in 1 cases, another 1 cases of unknown origin. reporter was informed that the notification of the products of three categories: safety shoes (all 11 cases, 7 cases of children's Spanish Bulletin) (Spain, France, Bulgaria, Germany in 2 cases, 1 cases), 6 cases of adult shoes, informed of the reasons for 20 cases six chromium exceed the standard chemical risk in 4 cases, there is a risk of suffocation. after analysis, the first half of the EU footwear bulletin has the following four characteristics: first, the European Union has slowed down the management of footwear. On the one hand, a significant decline in notification frequency, the first half of a total of 12 weeks, footwear was informed, compared with last week's 19 weekly bulletin dropped sharply, and the 22-26 week of 5 consecutive zero notification. On the other hand, countries have been notified of the decline, reducing the Czech, Hungary two countries. two, Spain has become a high-risk country for China's shoes exports. On the one hand to China Spain shoes sampling has great relevance in six CR 2014 EU report reached a record high of 77 cases, but cheap jordans online China shoes accounted for only 33 of the cases, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Poland also has six chromium exceed the standard case, and Spain six the shoes are from Chinese chromium exceed the standard, it has great pertinence. On the other hand to take place in Spain footwear inspection customs checks link entry, market sampling is only the supplementary way, unlike other European countries to market check mainly cause the goods to Hong Kong long time checks, seriously affect the market sales even miss the sales season. three is six valence chrome; become the absolute main force of notification. Six chromium exceeds the standard, accounting for 5/6 of the notification ratio. four is the first time that safety footwear has jumped to the top of the EU footwear bulletin. Safety shoes bulletin has four "single" features: first, the notification of a single country, all informed by Spain; two is informed of the reasons for a single, are six chromium prices exceeded; three, spot checks are single, bothFrom Japan Yokohama artist Taka Hayashi and well-known skateboard brand Vans's high-end Vault regional cooperation long-standing, now the autumn and winter series has been released in 2014. Era LX shoes including Huarache and Sk8-Hi LX, the senior leather uppers, punching pattern with Native American style. This series is currently can be purchased through the End Clothing love, friends can look at. 1413948521252_720x450.jpg (108.8 KB, download number: 0) download Taka Hayashi for Vans Vault in 2014 autumn and winter 2014-10-22 11:33 upload 1413948521191_720x450.jpg (54.39 KB, download number: 0) download Taka Hayashi for Vans Vault in 2014 autumn and winter 2014-10-22 11:32 upload 1413948522108_720x450.jpg (55.99 KB, download number: 0) download Taka Hayashi for Vans Vault in 2014 autumn and winter 2014-10-22 11:33 upload 1413948521540_720x450.jpg (53.76 KB, download number: 0) download Taka Hayashi for Vans Vault in 2014 autumn and winter 2014-10-22 11:33 upload 1413948522109_720x450.jpg (45.88 KB, download number: 0) download Taka Hayashi for Vans Vault in 2014 autumn and winter 2014-10-22 11:33 upload 1413948522713_720x450.jpg (40.32 KB, download number: 0) download Taka Hayashi for Vans Vault 2014 0spy exposure Air Jordan 5Lab3, that is, Air Jordan 3 shoes, and Air Jordan 5 3M reflective elements fused. Recently, after the sale of reflective silver color, recently exposed the new color again. Black reflective vamp with crystal outsole and full shoe feel very simple. Like friends can continue to pay attention. source: instagram read Wei little new favorite / Russell Westbrook Pro Air Jordan XX9 thunder team home PE adorable new equipment / Stephen Curry Under Armour Micro G Drive HD / Nike Air Foamposite One deep mining / not talking about shoes you don't know - shoes elements invading the movie world project / carve Chinese name, Chinese element sneakers parade! amazing debut / Air Jordan 4, Retro, Prism", black soul temptation / SUPRA Skytop IV, new color design, "Black Crocodile" comments on : stunning debut / Air Jordan 4, Retro, Prism" next: black soul seduction / SUPRA Skytop IV new color design "Black Crocodile" recently launched a new series of frequent ASICS, the latest series will draw inspiration from the samurai armor, for classic GEL-Lyte EVO release the new "Samurai" series to do note. The new series covering a total of three different color, the design is similar to the surface of embossed leather armor is made with the bottom of the gradient and spot details to create a rich visual experience, and equipped with EVO retro series of signs of the present running shoe. It is reported that the series will be in 10 16 from the date of landing END. such as ASICS designated retailers, like the pro, do not miss! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! shops | know these shoes shop term you wouldn't be cheated + shoe sale secret right! shopping, | NB996 who is the most popular host of Hunan satellite TV?! Anatomy of Hunan TV gene! black slang. What can't be used indiscriminately?! Chinese students were used to guns! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Asics, X, Atoms, Gel, Lyte, V, Camo joint camouflage shoes pays tribute to the history of Originals Adidas Originals Trefoil Logo is best suited for the fall and winter sneakers. You'll have to pick it up soon! German unification 25th anniversary commemorative product - Air Pegasus' 89 'German Reunification' color matching review last article: "the most suitable for autumn and winter shoes series released, you come to buy."! Next article: the German unification 25th anniversary commemorative product - Air Pegasus 89 German Reunification color matching